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    darkness dragon clan

    hanabishi kanda

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    darkness dragon clan

    Post  hanabishi kanda on Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:35 am

    the darkness dragon clan are a clan of dragons that rules the underground crime world, an example would be the mafia or people who are drug dealers. they are the natural enemies and polar opposite of the light dragon clan their numbers are equal to those of the light often in the same class as the light dragon clan is. their main goal is to defeat not destroy the light dragon clan so they may rule the world and switch light and darkness's role. the darkness dragon clan is basically a clan of leaders as well as the light dragon clan. they can choose to forms groups with other dragons from individual dragon clans. thus dragons who go to the dark side are considered dark elements, while the same goes for light.
    their abilities center around darkness. to clarify the element of darkness, i define it simply as the absence of light, and the ultimate darkness is a black hole, something that swallows up light, so the element of darkness is associated with gravity[img][/img]

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