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    chaos dragon clan

    hanabishi kanda

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    chaos dragon clan

    Post  hanabishi kanda on Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:42 am

    a dragon clan whos numbers and power are equal the balance dragon clan. unlike the balance dragon clan who exist to maintain balance, chaos exists to destroy the balance, but knowing that despite their powers and, they can not go against the other seven clans, so they try to destroy the balance by going over to either light or darkness to take their respective sides and destroy one of the elements needed for the balance. due to some confusion that may occur, the chaos dragon clan focuses on destroying either a single or all of the other dragon clans. while the darkness dragon clan and the light dragon clan, when they battle, they do not try to eliminate an enemy, but only try to concor the world with out destroying the said element. with the chaos dragon clan focused on disorder, their theme generally revolves around destruction. when a structure has no balance it falls apart

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