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    hybrids clan

    hanabishi kanda

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    hybrids clan

    Post  hanabishi kanda on Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:15 am

    this isn't a specific race, its more like beings who are the product of two different races. like the fire dragon clan or the water dragon clan. even though they are a hybrid, most of the skills comes from one of their "parents" meaning out of the set basic techniques, 6 out of 10 has to belong to one of the races. the numbers is a gross simplification. just as long as most of the techniques that are more than half is one element it will be fine. this race will not be open until this rp have came to its 12 member base level

    point distribution- 600

    stamina/health- 150
    mana/energy- 150
    speed- 150
    strength- 150

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