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    new humans

    hanabishi kanda

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    new humans

    Post  hanabishi kanda on Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:17 am

    for those who do not feel like being a dragon character whether its a full blood dragon or a hybrid, there is the option of a "new" human. there are humans taht have psycic abilities, the only abilities that are off limits are ones that manipulate the elements directly (like Pyrokinesis or fire manipulation), time manipulation, and things that result in a one hit kill. abilities like energy manipulation is ok and telekinesis is fine, but the limit of what you can manipulate is limited as too many things can result in god mod . this race is also off limits untill we have our 12 member base line

    point distribution- 600

    stamina/health- 150
    mana/energy- 150
    speed- 150
    strength- 150

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