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    character application template

    hanabishi kanda

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    character application template

    Post  hanabishi kanda on Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:05 am

    name: what is your name

    age: how old is your character

    nationality: if its a student from the old world or our world, give the country your characters is from, meaning if your character is a Chinese person living in the us, then you put Chinese-American, not Chinese, not american, just Chinese-American.

    magic student: just put a simple yes or no, this means does your character know about magic

    personality: this is a paragraph of what you want your character to be portrayed as. whether he is a psychopathic killer or not. be extra careful, as this will be used as the basis for your artifact, if you want to make a reference to your character history, then say it is explained in the history, but that does not mean you can skimp out on the paragraph, make sure it is at least 5 to 6 lines long

    history: this is optional. if you want to give a history, just make sure its as detailed as possible, the minimum is at least 10 lines

    magical skills: give a list of spells your character can use. to give a good understanding of their strengths, the minimum is the magic arrow series, give a maximum amount they can cast with a chant, and give an amount they can cast with out a chant

    element expertise: if you are making a mage app, then you are allowed only two elements to use for your character. no exception.

    skills: give a list of what your character can do with out magic, do they have

    artifact: just give a name, and put a link of it to the artifacts thread. it might be a little restricting to put it in with the app, so there will be a separate thread to make the artifact

    the bottom portion will apply only if your character is from the magic world

    why you're a mage: give the reason why your character wants to be a mage

    special skill: this is a special skill that only your character can do to help him or her feel unique
    for an easier way to understand, its basically like the kenkai genkai from the naruto universe, just much more unique.

    point distribution- 600

    stamina/health- 150
    mana/energy- 150
    speed- 150
    strength- 150

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