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    character application rules

    hanabishi kanda

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    character application rules

    Post  hanabishi kanda on Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:22 am

    this is where all the rules of the character application will be, follows all of these to the letter, do not twist them around or find any loop holes, if the character application does not fulfill both the template and the rules, it will not be approved

    1) no god modding abilities- this mean no one hit kills, no claming anything associated with the title "strongest", this means time and space manipulation are strictly prohibited, no absolute hypnosis kind of abilities, this means that if you want an illusion based ability, there must be at least two senses they do not fool.

    2) no blatant copies. i have made it clear in a manga fox rp that this is based off of, but i absolutely HATE BLATANT COPIES OF ANYTHING this does not mean you can not base any aspect of your character off of anything, you jsut can't have similarities that exceed 70% of the original characters or want ever it is based off of.
    the only exception to this rules are the artifacts if they are replicas of a legendary artifact. this refers to objects in actuall mythologies, of ancient civilizations. examples would be like the extending staff of son goku from chinese mythology who is regarded as the monkey king, there is a replica of his staff in the manga used by ku fei

    3) no racist jokes. in the same said rp, if something seems like a crack at a certain country, i will not accept the application, unless you actually get 75% of the sics and 5 active members to agree that what you put is not a crack at said country

    4) this may sound redundant, but all artifacts are unique. if there are blatant copies of artifacts regardless if it was made by a member or shown in the manga

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