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    Silver - Character application



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    Silver - Character application

    Post  falconeevee on Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:20 pm

    name: Silver, Not real name but only thing he seems familiar with and wants to be called

    age: he thinks he is 16, Real age unknown to him is 27

    nationality: dutch in mind, real nationality is from a stray island in the middle of the ocean, lab subject

    magic student: he know's an ancient language yet he doesn't know any real details, only his instincts tell him how to use this magic

    personality: Silver is a man who has the mentality of a child, quickly distracted, likes swords and large explosions but yet he also has a large urge to save people and help them, the most insane thing he has ever done was drop kicking a grandma who was beating a small child, he is a airhead in some perspectives but also proves this statement wrong by being quite detailed about small things, like knowing where a knife would land when thrown at him

    history: a small Child has been used by a insane scientist as a way to vent anger, let him taste pain, use his failed experiments till some clicked together, he had created the largest invention ever, something that could make him the most acknoledged scientist in the world.

    But unknown to him the other children and people in the lab used as normal testrats bundled their strenghts together, hoping to get him free and make him forget about the torture.

    They told the children every time that escape is impossible as every day brought silver's death and completion closer, turning him into a inhuman weapon, But they never gave up, they kept fighting till the very last day.

    A pact was made between them and they knocked silver out, drawing a blood seal on his back, giving their lifes as a trade in for his freedom, nobody asked themselves why not us? why not stop saving silver and just go save our own hide? no...they knew how it felt to be here...they would be stuck here forever but silver had a chance to escape and live a normal life and thus they all gave their good-bye's to silver.

    Some cried tears of joy, this child could fullfill their dreams of living a normal life and some were depressed thinking off the after effects the tests could have had on him. With all their strenght pouring into him he shot up into the sky, going through the clouds and away from the torture he had to go through...forgetting his own saviors and friends...his family...his whole identity was stolen the once called "Ken SilverBane" was now lowered to the name "silver" who lived hidden in the streets of netherlands

    But the proffesor never gave up, he kept searching and searching, swearing all his mistakes were the fault of that cursed Kid who took all the children away

    it took eleven years for him to find silver and he almost succeeded if it werent for a lumberjack slipping with his axe, the axe flung forward and sliced off the proffesor's arm, he screamed curses in to the sky and tried to close the wound as silver ran, remembering small bits of his memory

    "You will life for us right?" "His body has accepted the tanks, it will turn him" "My perfect plan" all those thoughts filled his head and the camouflage the children's final breath gave him collapsed

    The kid with white hair, a normal brown sweater and blue jeans walked this earth again with his new tail of a fox and strange grasp on a outer power......The mana of himself and his friends inside of him

    magical skills:
    Maximum without chant - summoning five human creatures to help
    Maximum With chant - Being able to unleash his special attack and activate his After-effects of being a test animal

    element expertise: Earth, Air

    skills: animalistic instincts, Same strenght as a human but weighs heavier thanks to the beast like speed he has, Natural with a weapon in his hand, he can really feel them as a extension for his arm

    artifact: X will be done X

    special skill: Mana Flow - silver uses the surroundings to use spells but this spell taps into his inner supply of mana creating a switching fighting style for silver, With a full tank of mana he unleashes a downpour of magic onto the enemies but when he runs out he will switch into "Mana Beserk" greatly increasing his strenght and speed so that his mana can quickly fill back up

    Rings of Past - a glyph on his back symbolising just 3 plain circles give him access to People he has known from his past, they are unknown for him, but the creatures think dearly of him and grant their power as a way to save him and keep him away from the closing in cloaked man called "Death" to him

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